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Inventive side 

It’s amazing to see your inventive side come out when you have a child. The things that you do to make life easier or more enjoyable. 

Right now I have a netball ring in my loungeroom that I’m using as a toy hanger. So I push my daughters chair under it and hang toys so she can play. I can mix it up everyday and show her different things. It’s almost Easter so I have paper eggs hanging. I also hang measuring spoons from the kitchen and cut chux cloth to use as rope. 

When she was little I struggled to bath her as she always thrust back and holding a baby who has no idea how to control the movement or spasms is tricky. So she wouldn’t fit in a normal style bath chair so with PVC pipe and sun shade cloth pulled firmly across a frame a seat was made. The mesh would have holes to drain the water and the frame would help save you hurting your back or dropping your child. You still always needed a hand on yor child but gosh it made things easier. 

I find that I use many things for many uses. For example her ceiling hoist goes from above her bed to the main bathroom. When not in use It chargers above her bed. I hang toys off it and it becomes a toy frame. Multi tasking hoist. Her resusitator I take the mouth piece off and tape to the asthma puffer and I have a tight fit for her and she gets her puffer correctly. A child like her can’t use a spacer so if I’m out and about and need it quick this works. If home we use a nebuliser which takes 10-15minutes. 

Your creative side jumps out and you start looking at what’s around you and what can be done. 

I find some of the most enjoyable things we do are inventive  creations.  

We make tactile messy play. 

Ideas if you have a child that’s special needs or a baby or toddler who’s board

What you need : 

A clean /new cat litre tray bought only for play

Food colouring, shaving cream or thickened cream, little toys like plastic sea creatures, shells or snakes or pebbles , flour , rice raw, pasta 

Only make what’s suitable for your child. I’m lucky my daughter doesn’t put things in her mouth. 

I use the tray and somedays just fill with shaving cream and sprinkles or plain. If your child likely to rub it on face try whipping thickened cream and it won’t be soapy. 

Other times, water play with that tray and add little pebbles. Shells or plastic animals it’s fun. You can add food colouring 

Rice play. Use what you have. You can colour it with food colouring and let it dry in the sun. Use tray with rice and let child feel and play and if more advanced let child practice pouring and measuring .

Pasta raw is fun to same way as rice and a child who struggles with tactile things cooked cooled pasta is very fun to, 

Ice cubes in tray are fun to play with in summer to with little penguin toys 

It’s cheap ways to play with your child that will be hours of fun and experience. 

I make softdrink bottles into rice shakers and decorate with left over contact. I save all lids of bottles for play time. I fill the tray with lids. You wouldn’t think it would be fun but the children love it. 

Also home made goop is just corn flour and water and food colouring. Make it as slimmy as you want. 

Creative pillow supports. If you have a child who’s floppy. Cut some sleeves out of old shirts and see together filled with stuffing and you have a long fat snake pillow you can use for a head support or sleep or leg support. My older kids love sewing these. 

You can have so much fun trying to make toys and play activities. Over the years I have had to make things easier to carry my daughter and sleep supporting her body. But every child is different so you really have to try and see what you can come up with. 

I have seen great services around that help modify equipment but these services are not always avaiable. 

A ‘s father wanted her to experience riding a bike so he made a toddler push chair bike into a push bike for her. He had a baby bike chair added to the frame of the push bike and it had straps to strap her on and he could take her for walks. 

She was able to experience something so many kids take for granted. It was a precious moment. 

Over time I have had people say oh where did you buy a wheelchair like that that holds two kids? Sorry it doesn’t he is just so tiny he sits on her foot peddle between her feet. Lol yes it looks like an extra seat. It’s not cute he can’t walk much as he is in heart failure. It’s a must but yet I still can’t find a suitable soultions. He has grown and has started using a wheelchair to. So no solution with that one. 

You will have different safely issues to work with of you have a special needs child and I never leave my child alone so make sure always to supervise anything that could be eaten/aspirated. 

Let the creative side out and have fun with your kids 

Pics below to show you some of the fun and my daughters brightly decorated hospital room when she is in hospital 



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I'm a mum of four who loves my kids but juggles some amazingly hard battles with disability and illness with two of my children. Sleep deprivation, time and being Homebound you will hear about many issues I face daily but mostly with a positive view. I just need somewhere to vent So thanks in advance if you even bother to read my mumble jumble

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