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Honesty at a price 



       I came across an uncomfortable situation last night whilst in hospital with my daughter. 

      It was shift change and all was ok, I hadn’t met this nurse we had before and as a long term chronic child parent you tend to know almost all staff. Anyway all was ok when she introduced herself and then the following hour It started 

      She came in to do observations and said oh I don’t need to be in here only every two hours so I will come in once every four hours, I said so how do you figure that’s ok? My daughter is internally bleeding and in high care ward so how is that ok. Can you double check with doctors? 

      On return she came in with the scheduled medications for that time and I noticed her hands shaking, she grabbed at my daughters stomach tube and cannula (drip) and wasn’t sure what to do. 

      My heart sank ! I felt instantly sick with worry ..

      I watched carefully waiting to see if she would ask but no she attempted to put the medication into the wrong tube. I stopped her and was Polite and said no this is how you do it. She still didn’t quite grasp what I was saying and still struggled. I helped guide her then off she left the room. 

      After some time she returned to top but tube feeding Etc and had Iv meds. This time by chance another nurse walked in and was standing there and saw she had no idea what to do and took over. 

      I felt so angry inside that someone was rostered on to care for my high needs child that could potentially create fatal problems. 

      I sat around til 1am thinking about it and decided to go chat with the nurse in charge for the night. 

      This new girl was a new grad. Well sorry but why have her work unsupervised and on a complex child when she has never truly had hands on experience 

      I’m super angry about this as we have had a hard enough time fighting to survive after illness and disease and she comes along and could potentially take all that away in a second. 

      I am brave enough to speak up but what about the parents with children here that have never lived this life and trust in nurses and doctors. This ward is high care for a reason. These children are very sick, our education department must be focusing way to much on book/text book stuff rather than hands on. 

      So I have not let this go and will not let some nurse harm a very sick child. I want the num of this ward to make it safer for other families. I want to know I have a nurse who is not only text book qualified but hands on experienced. 

      Am I asking for to much ? 

      No I don’t think so 

      Many don’t speak up incase it then changes the level of care the child requires. Please hear me, speak up and if could actually end up saving lives. 


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      I'm a mum of four who loves my kids but juggles some amazingly hard battles with disability and illness with two of my children. Sleep deprivation, time and being Homebound you will hear about many issues I face daily but mostly with a positive view. I just need somewhere to vent So thanks in advance if you even bother to read my mumble jumble

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