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So 2016 busy yes very however I would have to say the most successful year health wise. 

Ava didn’t catch a flu or cold and poor wil was sick with every cold for months and months. 

The biggest issue we faced was the on and off gi bleeds with Ava and her needing blood transfusions and then the complications that came with that * this has no been an ongoing issue for two years. 

Christmas is here in a few days and we are so excited. I have managed to lose 50 kilo this year and feeling so amazing and full of energy. I hadn’t had time to focus on myself or even want to think about all the reasons I was turning to food but having Ava have such a good year allowed me to as well. I had seven years of overeating and grief there I wasn’t dealing with. 

I can honestly say wow I shocked myself with the fact I found time to think of me. I had gastric sleeve surgery to help me and it’s no miracle you need to make it the tool to help you succeed. 

So life for 2016 has been a good solid positive year 

Next year 2017 is going to be hard 

Ava due for spinal fusion and hip plates removed and leg and feet surgery and right hip and pelvic surgery. 

Big year ahead 

Hope everyone stays safe and enjoys the Simple things 

My new tattoo reads 

Strength is what we gain 

From the madness we survive 

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I'm a mum of four who loves my kids but juggles some amazingly hard battles with disability and illness with two of my children. Sleep deprivation, time and being Homebound you will hear about many issues I face daily but mostly with a positive view. I just need somewhere to vent So thanks in advance if you even bother to read my mumble jumble

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